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Oct. 30, 2022

Ariel Louwrier - Entrepreneur & Provider of Research Tools

This week on the Life Science Success podcast my guest is Ariel Louwrier. Ariel has been involved in startups from the beginning including research and patents through operations and sales & marketing. His company Stressmarq provides tools...

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Oct. 15, 2022

Owen Swift - Sales and Research support for Life Science Companies

This week on the Life Science Success podcast my guest is Owen Swift. His organization was founded to represent manufacturers and CROs who are selling into the life science market across the US. Additionally, he uses the balance of his …

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Sept. 19, 2022

Jitendra Pant, ME, PhD - Researcher, Entrepreneur and 2x TEDx Speaker

This week on the Life Science Success Podcast my guest is Jitendra Pant. He is an experienced Researcher with 13+ years of expertise in Clinical and Translational Research, Biocompatible Invasive Biomedical Devices, In vitro Biology, FDA...

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Feb. 7, 2022

April Zambelli-Weiner PhD

In this episode of Life Science success I interviewed April Zambelli-Weiner PhD. April is the CEO of TTi Health Research & Economics. At TTi they provide life cycle clinical and economic research and consulting services to guide strategic...

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