Aug. 16, 2021

Dusty Majumdar PhD

AI has the ability to speed up the entire clinical trial process and generate evidence and at the same time, reduce the costs.

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Dusty Majumdar, PhD is a senior executive leader in healthcare and life sciences for the last couple of decades and has been in leading positions in companies like GE Healthcare, IBM Watson Health, Exact Sciences and a range of start-ups. Dusty has provided inspirational leadership across various initiatives in healthcare and life sciences including diagnostic imaging, AI, liquid biopsies and more recently RWD/RWE leveraging clinico-genomic data across organizations like CancerLinQ with ASCO and a number of start-ups in the Boston/Cambridge/NYC area, both as the Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer and Chief Commercial Officer.  He has led the commercialization of more than 20 AI based products across Oncology, Genomics, Population Health and Imaging over the last 6 years.  More recently he has been involved with organ-on-chip and organoid-on-chip systems focused on accelerating drug discovery and development through simulating the micro-environment that emulates the natural physiology and mechanical forces that cells experience within the human body.  AI is an integral part of gleaning insights from such systems.

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Dusty Majumdar, PhDProfile Photo

Dusty Majumdar, PhD

Senior Executive

Transformative business leader with deep senior management experience across Healthcare and Biopharma. Managed large-scale businesses at Fortune 500 companies and start-ups as Chief Strategy and Business Officer across oncology, medical imaging, genomics, population health and AI in organizations including at IBM, GE Healthcare, Exact Sciences, and ASCO. Demonstrated wide-ranging success in highly regulated industries like Healthcare and BioPharma, balancing strategic thinking with overseeing flawless execution of tactics to accelerate performance, drive commercial success, build world-class teams, and improve patient care.

Deep experience in managing functions including Marketing & Communications, Innovation, Business Development, Corporate Development (M&A), Data Analytics and Digital.

Provides inspirational leadership to marketing teams in a hands-on/executional manner to create solid business outcomes through positioning and launching of disruptive, market-leading products. Provides thought leadership, innovative stewardship and governance in all areas of digital marketing keeping customer experience at the heart of all initiatives.

Recognized for market excellence and thought leadership throughout his career with key awards and invitations to keynote forums, the most recent ones being The Economist War on Cancer, MIT Plenary Lecture on AI in Healthcare (Sloan Business School), Heroes of Healthcare Award at VNA (covered by Boston Globe) and KPMG session on AI in Healthcare.