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A.J. Mellott

Co-Founder and CEO

A.J. Mellott, Ph.D.
CEO and Co-Founder, Ronawk

Dr. A.J. Mellott has always found solving problems in life science stimulating and rewarding because those solutions have the potential to help patients. Yet, all biology starts with cells, and anyone that has cultivated human, animal, or plant cells knows that the process is laborious, exhausting, painful, and prone to problems. Dr. Mellott first became aware of these challenges during his doctoral work where he cultivated billions of stem cells to regenerate mechanosensory cells for hearing loss.
The way we grow cells in the lab is not how cells grow within our bodies. Producing cells for discovery research, physiological modeling, and developing new medical treatments requires enormous resources, space, and labor. The slightest disruption or introduction of a contaminant into a cell culture can wipe out weeks of work and resources, which is a contribution to why the development of new therapies is so expensive and takes so long.

These challenges are well known amongst scientists working in biosciences. Ronawk was founded by Dr. Mellott and Heather Decker to alleviate these challenges by simplifying biological processes to accelerate research for scientists to enable next-generation therapies to be developed faster. Ronawk’s Bio-Block Universe™ accelerates time to result by eliminating the need for sub-culture in cell production which subsequently decreases contamination risks and increases cell yield. Ronawk’s Bio-Block Universe transforms what was once tedious into effortless by simplifying cell culture workflows through the reduction of labor, materials, and space. Ronawk’s Bio-Block Universe increases biological opportunities by recapitulating the native cell environment to maintain cell viability, key characteristics, and secretion of therapeutic biologics.
Ronawk continues to grow and develop technologies that aid the efficient growth of different types of cells and the production of different biologics that can be used in the development of vaccines, therapies, diagnostics, and regenerative medicine.
Ronawk’s Bio-Block technology has become a game-changer in cell production and has created a pathway to fully automate cell culture and biologics production.
Ronawk now works with numerous companies around the globe to provide solutions to accelerate the manufacturing of biologics to deliver today’s most cutting-edge medicines.
To learn more, visit: www.ronawk.com

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