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Amita Goel

CEO/ Founder

Amita Goel, a 30-year Biotech industry veteran, she founded Celltheon to build technologies to bring cost and time efficiencies for generating biotherapeutics. Celltheon uses its cutting edge technologies for developing cell lines for not only mabs but also Difficult to Express Proteins (DEPs) that are then used for further clinical development. Celltheon is a boutique biotech company that addresses client’s needs and pain points as every client and every molecule matters.
As the founder and CEO of Celltheon Amita wears multiple hats including technology development, operations, sales, growth strategies, establishing partnerships and investment strategies. Amita has held technical management positions at companies like Elan Pharmaceuticals, and Gilead. She also enjoys mentoring students in Bioprocessing and serves on the ABCAB board at Keck Graduate Institute. She is also a KOL at Pall a Danaher company. Her message as a CEO is that that we are all in it together to make medicines more affordable for patients as every life matters.

Dec. 4, 2022

Amita Goel - CEO Celltheon Global Leader in Cell Line Development

In this episode of the Life Science Success Podcast my guest is Amita Goel. Amita is the CEO of Celltheon a Global leader in Cell Line Development for Next Generation Bio-therapeutics.

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