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Jeff Wessinger

VP and General Manager, Life Sciences

Jeff Wessinger is the Vice President and General Manager of Life Sciences at PointClickCare, with a demonstrated history of working in healthcare technology. Jeff has extensive experience in the areas of life sciences, the pharmaceutical space and data analytics. Jeff is an experienced software executive and a recognized thought leader in the world of pharmaceutical information technology. He specializes in software development life cycle, customer relationship management, real-world evidence and health economics and outcomes technologies, working to provide innovative digital strategies for the world’s largest life sciences companies.

Currently, Jeff leads the Life Sciences initiative at PointClickCare, where his team is working to advance care by providing healthcare organizations, government agencies, and life sciences companies with de‐identified real‐world data. Before Jeff’s time at PointClickCare, he served as the Co-founder and President of Skura Corporation, guiding the company through an acquisition by Indegene, where he then functioned as senior vice president of strategic software products. A proud graduate of The University of Western Ontario, Jeff continues to live and work in the Ontario area.

Sept. 27, 2022

Jeff Wessinger - Improving Care Outcomes, Expanding Drug Discovery & …

My guest on the Life Science Success Podcast is Jeff Wessinger. Jeff is the VP of Life Sciences for PointClickCare (PCC). We are going to discuss how PCC is providing the de-identified data companies need to improve care outcomes and...

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