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LatchBio founding team Alfredo Andere (24), Kenny Workman (22) and Kyle Giffin (23) launched the San Francisco-based startup in 2021 to build and disseminate the data infrastructure for the biocomputing revolution.

This team of rising leaders, who met as undergraduate students at UC Berkeley, created LatchBio to assist the modern biologist navigate today’s landscape of complex and unwieldy data. Automation, next-generation sequencing and multiplexed assays are among the technological advances generating significantly more data per experiment than they did a decade ago – data that are far harder to transform into human interpretable insights.

To empower biologists, who are often more comfortable in the wet lab than in front of a computer terminal, the LatchBio team created a repository of versioned no-code tools, managed computing infrastructure and collaborative data hub tailor-made for biological research. Without touching code or cloud infrastructure, researchers on the platform can store, transform and visualize their data in any web browser.

Aug. 21, 2022

Kyle Giffin - LatchBio - Bioinformatics Platform

This week on the Life Science Success podcast my guest is Kyle Giffin COO at LatchBio.  Three founders launched the San Francisco…

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