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President, Partners in Communication, Inc.

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Laurie Schloff is a nationally renowned author and coach in the field of corporate communication.
She is known as a coach for investor presentations, leadership and client relationships in the life science field. Current clients include Johnson & Johnson, Biogen, Mustang Bio, and the Healthcare Businesswomen's Association.
Her expertise areas include 1:1 executive coaching, leadership training, presentation skills, conference coaching, women and communication, and speech/accent skills. Laurie is well regarded by C-Suite executives for her focused collaboration, quick results, and ability to coach leaders for success in front of large audiences, boards and investors.

She is known for helping clients craft high-impact speeches, webinars and videos, including the training program Pearls of Presentation and Participation for MassMutual, and the Leadership Success Series for the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association.

As a master coach, Laurie created the only program to train professionals to coach others in their organization, the Corporate Communication Coaching Certificate Program.

Laurie has a particular interest in adding to human well being and justice, and works with the Anti-Defamation League, Oxfam America and Room to Grow. Her range of clients, from finance to healthcare, is extensive. Laurie has added to the talents and skills at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Fidelity, TJX, Allstate, MassMutual, and State Street.

Ms. Schloff is the author of He and She Talk, Speech Gems, and Smart Speaking, which was described by Communication Briefings as “one of the best books ever written about speaking”. Her books have been published in German, French and Chinese. Laurie’s first book for children, Twenty Twinkling Stars, is a fundraiser for SAVE, a program of Sandy Hook Promise. She was appointed to SAVE’s national board in 2015.

Laurie has been a featured guest expert in the media, including “Oprah” and the “Today Show”, and has been featured in podcasts and publications from Cosmopolitan to the Wall Street Journal. She co-founded in 2008.

Laurie is a winner of the Partners Connected Health Competition and was awarded the
American Resident Project Prize for her innovative work in the field of speech and technology.

Ms. Schloff earned her undergraduate degree in Speech Pathology from Rutgers University, and her graduate degree in the same field from Columbia University. She worked as a clinical instructor at Northeastern University, training graduate students in speech and language pathology. Laurie has completed advanced doctoral work in leadership and organizational psychology.

She received her Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language- Hearing Association. She is a member of the Speech Communication Association, and founder of the Fear of Speaking Association.

Nov. 20, 2022

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