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Liesbeth Ceelen is a CEO with both the scientific background and the management skills to lead biotech businesses with vision and strategy. Following her PhD in veterinary sciences, she started her career as a study director at J&J. From there, her passion for entrepreneurship led her into the start-up and scale-up environment. While working in several different young and dynamic companies in the biotech and healthcare fields, Liesbeth gained experience in roles ranging from operational, quality, and project management to scientific leadership, sales, and business development. Liesbeth is currently CEO of BioLizard, where she aims to make BioLizard the go-to bioinformatics consultancy company across Europe and the US. Liesbeth leads by example, and her driving ambition is to inspire people and to help them grow – which she does not only as CEO, but also through her involvement in the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, Women on Board and the TOPX Network for Women in Life Sciences. Liesbeth is also the proud mum of Lore, Elise and Lukas.
You can follow Liesbeth at @LCeelen on Twitter and at liesbethceelen on LinkedIn.

Nov. 27, 2022

Liesbeth Ceelen - CEO of BioLizard an agile bioinformatics and data m…

Today on the Life Science Success Podcast my guest is Liesbeth Ceelen. She is the CEO of BioLizard an agile bioinformatics and data management consulting company providing tailored solutions to the life sciences industry. They specialize in the...

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