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Matt Landry Graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Biotechnology. Based on previous success in sales, he decided to pursue a sales positions out of college. His first sales role was as an Account Manager for a southwest territory covering 7 states. He learned the ins and outs of selling products and was successful at selling bulk reagents for sequencing. Matt pursued multiple positions to expand product his knowledge which included: capital equipment, sequencing technologies, RNA technologies, and proteomics. Early in his career, he took a 50% pay cut to commercialize a product line with a proteomics company. After two months the key technologies were exclusively licensed to a larger company. He had nothing to sell and decided to become a distributor selling proteomic reagents. After a few years, he grew a multi-million-dollar business and gained SEO, digital marketing, CLIA, custom services, and bulk manufacturing experience. Another local company recruited Matt to lead the commercial efforts for a portfolio of more than 60,000 antibodies. At this role, he learned product management, manufacturing, validation, customer conversion, change management, and P&L management. At this role, Matt ended up leading the acquisition and integration efforts of one of his prior companies. Before the pandemic, Matt was able to meet Kevin Lustig and Dan Kagan from He quickly realized the value his product experience would bring to’s differentiated and rapidly scaling business model with a strong value proposition to large pharmaceutical and biotech companies. At his current role, he is focused on revolutionizing the life science product market by building significant value for’s customers.

Nov. 13, 2022

Matt Landry - Commercial Leader

This week on the Life Science Success Podcast my guest is Matt Landry. Matt is a proven leader in the Life Science industry with…

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