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Nathan Clark

Co-Founder and CEO

Nathan Clark is the Co-Founder of, one of the fastest-growing software startups in biotech. Ganymede is the modern, cloud-native, data platform for life sciences companies, and it’s focused on integrating physical lab instruments with digital workflows. Prior to Ganymede, Nathan was the product manager at Benchling for Machine Learning and Insights Analytics. He also has a background in financial technology and trading, and notably launched

Nathan is excited to share his knowledge, experiences, and insights into the future of biotech with your audience of scientists, data scientists, software engineers, biomanufacturers, and business leaders in the industry.

Nathan Clark - co-founder of Ganymede
May 14, 2023

Nathan Clark - co-founder of Ganymede

This week on the Life Science Success Podcast my guest is Nathan Clark. Nathan is the co-founder of Ganymede and is passionate about biotechnology. He is at the frontier of biology and engineering, and has merged his profound knowledge in …

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