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Scott Wagers

Designer/CEO/'consortium whisperer'

It takes 17 years to go from research finding to patient impact. This translational gap is too long for patients who need better diagnoses and treatments today.

I am focused along with my colleagues at BioSci Consulting on narrowing this gap which is both figuratively and literally a valley of death.

I bring a unique perspective on the future of medicine and the future of how we should work together in a distributed manner.

Having moved to Europe 16 years ago I found myself unable to continue my work as a physician and a researcher. Instead, I got engaged in putting together large-scale collaborations for projects that were attempting to achieve major shifts in how we approach the diagnosis and management of disease. Through the past 15 years I have designed more than 60 collaborative projects and spent over 15,000 hours facilitating dialogue in mostly online meetings.

I developed a passion for finding ways to get the most creative output from diverse groups to solve problems and develop new projects. I have written a book Assembled Chaos which focused on how to create and get value out of multi-partner collaborations (consortia) by increasing the interaction amongst participants.

I also host a podcast Beyond Publications which is aimed at learning the secrets of leaders in life science and healthcare with the goal of increasing the number of people who take a leadership role in driving forward healthcare innovation.

Dr Scott Wagers - CEO of BioSci Consulting, author of Assembled Chaos & Host of Beyond Publications Podcast
May 14, 2023

Dr Scott Wagers - CEO of BioSci Consulting, author of Assembled Chaos…

In this episode of the Life Science Success podcast, my guest is Dr. Scott Wagers. Scott is the CEO of BioSci Consulting, the author of Assembled Chaos, and the host of Beyond Publications podcast. (Consortium Whisperer) Dr. Scott Wagers...

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