Dirk Abeel - Omnichannel

In this episode of Life Science Success, I interviewed Dirk Abeel. He is a consultant in Life Sciences who focuses on implementing a new commercial model called Omnichannel. If your commercialization efforts need a shift in focus this episode is for you.


1:02 Dirk's career in marketing, sales and sales enablement.

5:57 Dirk's work in Africa

7:17 What is Omnichannel

9:55 How Omnichannel is deployed

12:00 The power of data

15:25 The importance of mindset

19:37 The transition to the future may not be fully face-to-face selling

23:50 Engraining the behavior in the sales team

33:00 The importance of having the right data

36:24 Three questions:

What excites you What concerns you What inspires you