Fungai Ndemera - entrepreneur and keynote speaker focused on diversity in healthcare

This week on the Life Science Podcast I am interviewing Fungai Ndemera. Fungai is the CEO of Checkup Health. Fungai and I are going to talk about her journey to becoming the CEO, Diversity and we are going to cover her focus as a Keynote speaker.

00:58 Introduction for Fungai and greeting

01:18 Telling to listeners a bit about yourself

02:07 Lead you to Create Check Up Health company

04:52 More about Check Up Health company function and how it helps

08:04 How it works with populations get involved and limiting biases

10:26 How targeted populations shift and leverage technology, considering diversity

12:37 About being panelist and discussion with the Melan and medic panel

15:55 One of the Social Media posts thought provoking question

What are the best ways that a business could reduce health inequalities? 20:23 What oftentimes do you speak about as a Keynote speaker, whenever on stage?

22:02 Three Question

-What Inspires you?

-What concerns you?

-What excites you?