Precision Pathology - Taking computational and spatial pathology to the next level!

2022 has turned out to be an extremely pivotal year for computational pathology with major announcements coming out of USCAP and AACR2022. With AI-powered algorithms, fueling the excitement in the space across the continuum of clinical trials and diagnostics, there is an increasing interest in unraveling the spatial relationships in the tumor microenvironment. However, the use of 'black-box' algorithms and lack of insights into cell-cell communication, understanding of intermediate cell types and unambiguous microdomain characterization have hindered the progress in this field. The new SpIntellx platform differentiates itself from other general computational pathology platforms with its focus on spatial intelligence and explainable-AI to reveal insights that help in accelerating discovery, optimizing clinical trials, advancing companion diagnostics and personalizing therapeutic options. The secret sauce here is really the deep understanding of tumor biology from the standpoint of the existence of intermediate cell types and their functional states as well as communication between cells in the tumor environment, thus establishing the new space of Precision Pathology!